Fresh Fruit & Veg 
Delivery in Cardiff

High quality fruit & veg, 

delivered to you.

Welcome to Carter Fruit and Veg.

We are a family run business based in Cardiff and deliver top quality produce directly to your door.

Originally established in 1982, we have been serving customers a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables with minimal packaging for over 35 years.

We offer a weekly delivery service with no delivery charge on orders over £10.

Some of our customers choose specific items each week. Some will let us know what they like and ask for a surprise box with a price limit. Others opt for a regular order.

Prices at the market vary on a daily basis. Our price list will reflect this and will be updated regularly. We offer a full range of quality produce delivered straight to your front door at a fair price. 

Payment can be done online via credit card. Alternatively please contact us if you would like to pay by cash.